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Take the Trust Fall with First-Party Data

This free event is now available for on-demand registration and access through February 12, 2023. Once registered, the on-demand content will become available.

How Market Research Helps Brands Recover from Lost Third-Party Data

First-party data is a necessary but expensive, complicated, and slow tool in the modern marketer’s arsenal, right? Wrong. Strong market research builds first-party data, which empowers brands to understand and deliver desirable, delightful results to customers without the creep factor of third-party data and cookies. The result? The elusive trust every brand hopes to retain throughout the customer lifecycle.

Join Schlesinger Group’s Chief Marketing Officer Ellie Ahmadi and Chief Strategy Officer Isaac Rogers as they demystify first-party data collection and processing to help you strengthen your marketing strategies for what’s next.

Ellie Ahmadi

Chief Marketing Officer, Schlesinger Group

Schlesinger Group Chief Marketing Officer Ellie Ahmadi’s experience ranges from large Fortune 500 organizations to small SaaS companies. She led digital and demand gen for organizations in the ad tech industry, cybersecurity, and consulting firms such as Protiviti. She launched the global #AccentureMoments campaign and implemented personalization for Accenture, leading to a shift in marketing strategy and creating space for ABM to follow.

Isaac Rogers

President, Schlesinger Group

As President, Isaac Rogers drives growth and cultivates innovation at Schlesinger Group. He focuses his innovation on technology and business model transformation, identifying innovative potentialities and bringing them to fruition to support Schlesinger Group’s vision. Isaac joined Schlesinger Group in 2020, when 20|20 Research, where he was CEO, was acquired by the company. He is a seasoned speaker at industry events, holds multiple patents on research technology, and is a respected thought-leader.

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Take the Trust Fall with First-Party Data