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Simple UX Design Principles That Will Drastically Improve Your Marketing Campaigns

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As consumers, we’re exposed to amazing User Experience (UX) design every day. Companies with advanced UX teams like Amazon, Google, and Apple create shopping, browsing, and mobile experiences that feel truly personalized and intuitive. In comparison, marketing campaigns from smaller companies can come across as clunky and ham-handed, especially when they’re so obviously focused on driving a specific user behavior – CLICK HERE!
By implementing a series of simple techniques grounded in UX design practice, marketers can design a better user experience across channels like email, landing pages, and other content, leading to higher conversion rates and more revenue.

Daniel Hoffman

Daniel Hoffman is a marketing professional with more than 12 years of digital marketing and marketing technology experience. Hoffman has worked in technical roles including as a Software Quality Engineer at Microsoft, then various senior management roles in Marketing including SmartDraw Software. As an entrepreneur, he started and successfully exited several ventures in domain name services and local, mobile advertising, where he has been granted three technology patents. Hoffman is a published author and guest speaker on the topics of technology trends, and the social impacts of technology in society. Hoffman has a personal focus on process improvement, product strategy, data analytics and the application of systems to optimize marketing performance in organizations of all sizes, from startups to the Fortune 500.

Bettinna Justinien

Bettinna Justinien is New York-based creative director & designer, with over 10 years experience in UX design and deployment for IBM, Citi, AXA, Waterfront Alliance, Times Square Alliance, and others. Prior to her design career, she worked as a financial analyst for Lehman Brothers, JP Morgan, Credit Suisse, and did a stint in publishing, helping her understand business needs and provide effective creative solutions to both small and large businesses. Justinien, who runs Bettymedia™ design studio, is currently building a system to educate the UX design industry on blockchain technology and the cryptocurrency industry, to help design better, more intuitive experiences and processes for users, now and in the future.


Simple UX Design Principles That Will Drastically Improve Your Marketing Campaigns