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Privacy and Tracking: The Way Forward for Enterprise Marketers in a Cookieless World

Learn how marketers can still get data insights into their visitors and customers once cookies are removed. Industry experts explore what enterprise marketers need to be doing now to stay compliant with changing data privacy laws, the loss of cookies, and new methods to understand and optimize their marketing strategy.

Cookies are living on borrowed time. With the phase-out of third party cookies and a shift to a more data-privacy friendly world, marketers have to prepare for this massive transition. While tracking and attribution may change, there are still many ways that enterprise marketers can learn about their visitors and personalize the customer experience.

This webinar deep dives into how data-privacy laws affect marketers and what you can do to ensure compliance without sacrificing customer and visitor insights. We will discuss tracking, attribution and marketing strategies with some of the industry’s top tech talent. It will provide actionable takeaways that marketers can implement now, to ensure they are ready for the cookieless future.


Patrick McQuaid 3

Patrick McQuaid

VP Marketing Technology, Analytics & Insights, TD Bank

Patrick spent ten years as a Management Consultant specializing in leading large transformation projects during which time he worked in Europe, North America and Asia in a variety of industries. His career in Financial services started when he joined the National Australia Bank in 2008 where he worked in Technology, Program Management, Digital Strategy, CX and Marketing. Patrick joined Marketing as the enterprise leader for NAB’s NPS implementation and Customer Experience function and then changed roles to lead the Customer Analytics and 1 to 1 Marketing teams. He joined TD Bank in 2019 as the VP for Marketing Technology, Analytics & Insights across North America.

Kelly Thomas NoJaim

Kelly Thomas Nojaim

Regional VP North America Corporate Sales, Microsoft

Kelly is a digital marketing expert with over 20 years experience across Sales, Marketing, and Product Management. She has built her career in the online advertising and search space working on the platform side focused on driving value for clients of all sizes, in multiple verticals. For 15 years, Kelly has been working at Microsoft Advertising where she is now the Regional VP North America Corporate Sales.

Fraser David

David Fraser

Partner & Data Privacy Lawyer, McInnes Cooper

David Fraser is a partner with McInnes Cooper and is one a leading internet, technology, and privacy lawyer and regularly provides opinions on privacy laws for both Canadian and international clients. He advises private and public sector clients to implement compliance programs for Canadian privacy legislation, including the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (Canada), the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (Nova Scotia) and the Privacy Act (Canada). David is widely recognized as one of Canada’s foremost authorities on privacy law and other legal issues associated with cloud computing. He is particularly known for his ability to cut through the seemingly intractable issues related to cross-border data flows and law enforcement/national security access to customer data.

Isaac Adejuwon

Isaac Adejuwon

CEO & Founder, Metricsflow

Isaac has spent the past 5 years proving that the entire customer journey and data insights marketers need, can still be provided while protecting the privacy of users on the web. During his engineering degree he founded Metricsflow, a cookieless data attribution platform that helps marketing and sales teams to build a new kind of relationship with their customers. At the helm of Metricsflow, Isaac is working to change the future of web analytics, and introduce new privacy-focused solutions for enterprise customers. He is a Martech Council at the Canadian Marketing Association.


Privacy and Tracking: The Way Forward for Enterprise Marketers in a Cookieless World