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Predictive AI, the SuperBowl and Ad Testing

Free webinar brought to you by Quilt.AI

This free event is now available for on-demand access through November 16, 2023. Once registered, the on-demand content will become available.

Hundreds of millions of dollars are spent on creating brand voice, creating ads that subjectively align with brand voice, and are disseminated with less than 20% of them being tested on average because of time, money and method limitations.

With a new technology built on the largest set of Ads in the world, Quilt AI will share how it is launching a new AI powered product in the market to enable big and small brands to test their ads in less than 15 minutes with great precision and against standard and custom parameters. 

Anurag Banerjee

CEO, Quilt AI

Abbas Arslan

Director of Global Human Insights, Coca Cola


Predictive AI, the SuperBowl and Ad Testing