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Personalization 2.0: Creating Remarkable Customer Experiences

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Personalizing digital interactions drives conversions and reduces fragmentation. But research shows that many organizations are showing the same experiences to everyone, not considering if they are a prospect, an existing customer, a partner, an employee or someone looking for a job.

Getting started with personalization requires a sharp focus on the customer as well as on the people, processes, and technologies needed to support it.

Join us for this webinar with Gene De Libero, digital marketing adjunct at New York University and Sitecore marketing evangelist.


  • What’s required to lay the groundwork for personalization
  • The key to personalizing all of your channels, be it email, web, mobile, commerce, kiosk, VR, and print
  • Three personalization tactics to get started with personalization now
  • How new technologies such as AI, VR, and voice impact personalization

Gene De Libero

CCXP, Digital Marketing Evangelist, Sitecore

Gene De Libero is a digital marketing adjunct at NYU’s School of Professional Studies, Division of Programs in Business and serves as an advisory board member of the Customer Experience Certificate Program at Rutgers Centre for Innovation Education. He has over 30 years of business, technology, and marketing experience. From front-line IT support to the C-suite, he has worked across many verticals on both the brand and agency side. As an entrepreneur, De Libero founded successful digital business ventures in the social media, mobile, distance learning, and digital-out-of-home industries.


Personalization 2.0: Creating Remarkable Customer Experiences