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Live Demo: Improving Marketing Data for Maximum Campaign Performance

Do your SDRs spend needless time each day triaging and rerouting leads? What if you could improve your marketing data to make Sales more efficient?

Join us for a webinar on at 10am PT on Tues, 3/17 to learn how a robust lead matching and routing solution can reduce CRM chaos and increase marketing program ROI. We’ll discuss how to create a solid data strategy and also demo how LeanData’s Matching and Routing products accurately unify data and automate the distribution of leads, contacts, accounts, opportunities, etc. so Sales can generate revenue faster.

Join us to:

  • Learn how a solid data strategy can help generate revenue faster
  • Experience a live demo of LeanData‚Äôs platform so you can see firsthand how to match CRM objects and route them to Sales quickly
  • Discover how to improve marketing campaign ROI through proper lead follow up


Jay Vira

Senior Solutions Consultant, LeanData

Jay is an Enterprise Solutions Consultant with the Solutions Team at LeanData. He works on a number of LeanData’s strategic customers to ensure LeanData can accelerate and automate complex GTM strategies, helping clients build a strong infrastructure for their businesses. Before LeanData, he studied Mechanical Engineering at UCLA and worked in Accenture’s Technology Consulting arm.


Optimizing Lead Data to Reduce CRM Chaos