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How to Bring Sales and Marketing Together in 2021

Marketing and sales have traditionally gone head-to-head. It’s more important than ever that these two teams come together.

Watch Sam Gong, BDR Director, Adobe Experience Cloud, present his webinar: How to Bring Sales and Marketing Together, in 2021

In this webinar, you’ll learn:

• How to create your all-star team

• Tips to drive better results for your business in 2021

• How to bring sales and marketing together


Sam Gong Headshot

Sam Gong

BDR Director, Adobe Experience Cloud

Sam Gong is a Director of Inside Sales for Adobe Experience Cloud, responsible for building qualified pipeline for global teams in the commercial segment. He sees growth as everybody’s goal and loves building cross-functional teams to approach winning in the market as an end-to-end problem. His COVID hobby is making custom ukuleles.


How to Bring Sales and Marketing Together in 2021