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“New Normal”? in Retail: Changing Online Consumer Behavior and Customer Engagement Strategies

COVID-19 has changed the world around us; and whilst we start to hear about the ‘new normal’, the reality is, we’re still seeing rapidly changing consumer behavior, to which we as marketers and ecommerce leaders need to adapt.

Join Alex Timlin, SVP Retail (Emarsys), who will share unique insights gleaned from data analysis from over one billion consumer interactions worldwide.

How will the recent consumer shift to digital impact us as marketers and ecommerce leaders? How will this impact further as stores start to open again, and what happens if we experience a second or third wave?

We’ll dive into:

  • What global trends are telling us about how we should be planning for  constant flux in retail & commerce
  • How consumer buying behavior is driving unique category and product insights which may affect business decision making
  • What we can learn from countries further through the COVID-19 pandemic, who are closer to establishing a ‘new normal’
  • Why it is so important to unlock the value from your customer, product and sales data to create personalized customer engagement strategies
  • What we are hearing from leading brands and technology partners on how to adapt your digital strategy to meet shifting demand

Alex Timlin

Alex is a Senior Vice President at Emarsys, leading their Go To Market Strategy for industry specific solutions across various verticals including Retail, Pure-Play Ecommerce and Direct to Consumer Brands, Travel and Mobile Applications businesses. A regular industry speaker, content contributor and founding member of the Data & Marketing Association’s Customer Engagement Committee Alex brings a wealth of experience from working directly with hundreds of brands across different geographies a more than a decade in leadership roles in the marketing technology and customer engagement space.


“New Normal”? in Retail: Changing Online Consumer Behaviour and Customer Engagement Strategies