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Multi-Channel Engagement for Modern B2B Marketers

Move over B2C marketers, your B2B brethren are on your heels. Forever, B2B marketers have lagged in the tactics and technologies that B2C marketers have had at their disposal. Now, responding to the dramatic changes in B2B buyers and armed with both new attitudes and tech, B2B marketers are entering a new era where they look and act more like B2C marketers.

Join Terminus’ VP of Marketing, Justin Keller, for a webinar where he will discuss…

  • The not-too-distant future B2B marketers are walking into.
  • The multi-channel strategies B2B marketers are using to achieve stunning results.
  • New multi-channel plays you can put into action right now.


justin Terminus Headshot

Justin Keller

VP of Marketing

Justin is a bold, data-driven and award-winning marketing leader with fifteen years of building brands and marketing programs that people love. He has experience in early-stage startups to established mid-cap companies, working cross-functionally and leading virtual teams integrating sales, marketing, operations and customer success. He is a thought-leader and public-speaker on the topics of branding, digital marketing and account-based marketing (ABM).


Multi-Channel Engagement for Modern B2B Marketers