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Making Virtual Events and Webinars the Best Performing Marketing Channel in your Arsenal

Virtual events and webinars enhance convenience, enable compelling customer experiences and have the potential to deliver engagement data of enormous value. But is this opportunity being fully exploited? Are marketers missing out on ways to unlock new forms of value from these critical customer engagements? How can marketing and sales work together to maximize opportunities as buyer needs continue to evolve?

Glisser founder and former multi-time CMO Mike Piddock will explore how marketers can optimize the audience experience from virtual events and webinars to maximize lead and revenue generation, improve pipeline and enhance customer insight. You’ll learn:

  • How virtual attendee behavior and expectations have shifted – and how event formats must respond
  • How to incorporate webinars into an end-to-end demand generation program
  • Examples of how enterprise companies are improving engagement levels (and as a result) ROI from their virtual events
  • The future of virtual events, meetings and webinars – embedded into a brand’s own digital environment
mike piddock

Mike Piddock

CEO & Founder, Glisser

Mike Piddock is the Founder and CEO of Glisser. Mike – a former CMO – created the company when he realised that live events and conferences were a really powerful marketing channel, but one that was data-poor. His view was that by creating interesting and valuable ways for audiences to interact at these meetings, it would both improve their experience, and provide a measurable set of analytics by which to measure the success of the event.

Jump forward to 2020, and this concept applies in exactly the same way to virtual and hybrid meetings and events: engaged audiences have a better experience, stay longer, and create more successful (trackable) results.


Making Virtual Events and Webinars the Best Performing Marketing Channel in your Arsenal