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Leveraging Power of Analytics for Retention Marketing

Everything that a user does or doesn’t do amounts to data these days which can be extremely overwhelming at times.

The biggest challenge is being able to determine what data is useful and how to turn that into marketing wisdom that leads to customer retention and growth.

All this data is in silos and is stored in raw format which makes it very hard for marketers and growth teams to analyze this data and make actionable decisions.

CMOs are now embracing data analytics to help them more intimately understand the reasons behind user attrition and drop off.

Through this webinar, we will share how analytics helps businesses track, measure and own customer retention and also presents them with opportunities to build more intimate relationships with their markets and encourage active and meaningful engagement.

Key Takeaways

  • Where does analytics fit in the retention marketing puzzle
  • How brands are using Machine Learning to increase LTV
  • What are the latest technologies available that can help you predict user actions in time


Jay Magdani

Jay Magdani is a part of the Product Team at CleverTap. One of the earliest members of the team, Jay has seen and guided the product to generate multi-million dollars in revenue to date.

Jay was an entrepreneur back in 2010, where he tried his hand in the manufacturing and retail space. He exited the venture in 2012 and moved to do his Masters in Business Administration.

His inclination toward using data to make informed business decisions, coupled with a strong business acumen saw him pivot to building analytics products in B2B Enterprise startups. Jay has been building Data Science enabled capabilities in the B2B space over the past 5 years.

Eric Ralls

As the founder of and current CEO of both and PlantSnap, Eric Ralls has long aspired to merge technology with a love for nature and our planet.

Eric is a serial entrepreneur. After graduating from Vanderbilt University with degrees in psychology and Japanese, Eric then attended Thunderbird School for International Management. Eric jumped into technology in the early days of the internet boom in 1998, merging the latest innovations with his love for the planet.


Leveraging Power of Analytics for Retention Marketing