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Jumpstart to Digital Asset Management

Air Daily at 10am CST

One of the biggest challenges facing marketing teams today is consistent, easy and secure access to files — the logos, images, videos and graphics they need to do their job. With this in mind, it’s no surprise that a digital asset management solution (DAM) is top-of-mind for marketers. 

While it’s no question that DAM is a must-have for marketing teams today, the process of purchasing and implementing one can be daunting. These 15-minute coffee breaks will equip you with the knowledge and tools you need to jumpstart a successful DAM initiative. 

Sessions Include:

Monday, August 23 – An introduction to digital asset management

Tuesday, Aug 24 – A strategic blueprint for your digital asset management journey

Wednesday, Aug 25 – Finding the right DAM partner

Thursday, Aug 26 – What to expect during your digital asset management implementation

Friday, Aug 27 – Making the business case for digital asset management

“Coffee Breaks” Schedule

An introduction to digital asset management

Presenter: Carlie Hill, Sr. Mgr of Content Strategy

The first step in any successful account-based campaign Have you ever wondered what a digital asset management system can do for you? Let’s solve that! With marketing teams around the world doubling down on digital asset management, now is the time to understand how this technology can enable brand consistency, company-wide asset distribution and a smoother workflow. This 15-minute power session will give you everything you need to know.

A strategic blueprint for your digital asset management journey

Presenter: Carlie Hill, Sr. Mgr of Content Strategy

A successful asset management strategy is a continuous pursuit, but too often it’s a one-and-done project. By taking continuous steps towards your ideal state, the ongoing impact on your business can be profound. We’ve developed the DAM Maturity Model to create a blueprint for your journey.

Finding the right DAM partner

Presenter: Leah Chapman, Account Executive

Not all partnerships are equal—let’s take a quick look under the hood for what makes up a strong DAM vendor and what you should be looking for.

What to expect during your digital asset management implementation

Presenter: Rob Morris, Head of Customer Enablement  

Is one of your target accounts on your website right now? Want to connect your sales team to your most important prospects in real time, no matter where they are? Well, there is a way to do just that. Chat! Rob Morris to uncover the importance of putting conversational marketing at the forefront of this new digital first world.

Making the business case for digital asset management

Presenter: Eric Simmons, VP of Sales

With increased scrutiny of marketing budgets and ever-mounting expectations, it’s important to be prepared to defend your DAM initiative and showcase business benefits. This session will help you position DAM as a win-win for all parties (including the CFO).

Carlie 1

Carlie Hill

Senior Manager of Content Strategy

Carlie Hill is the Senior Manager of Content Strategy at MediaValet, a leading digital asset management system in Vancouver, BC.

With an expertise in DAM and marketing, she strives to provide organizations with the tools they need to maximize the ROI of their digital content.

Leah Headshot

Leah Chapman

Account Executive

Leah brings a wealth of knowledge and solutioning to clients in driving digital transformation through her 15 year’s software sales experience with enterprise and mid-market organizations across North America and Europe. Leah has an entrepreneurial mindset in exploring innovative solutions to business challenges, but more importantly remains focused on delivering success outcomes and building long lasting partnerships with clients. Leah is also an active member in her local community by applying her sales experience in leading fundraising initiatives and grant writing.

Rob 2

Rob Morris

Head of Customer Enablement

With over 20 years of experience in the technology industry, Rob has spent the last 7 of those helping 100s of clients achieve success with their Digital Asset Management implementations.

After graduating as a Software Engineer and working as a developer for a few years – Rob moved into Project and Program Management, finally moving to MediaValet in 2014 to run the client facing side of the organization.

Eric 1

Eric Simmons

VP of Sales

Eric Simmons is currently the VP of Sales of MediaValet.  With over 10 years of sales experience in the tech industry, Eric is a sales heavyweight in Vancouver and is known for his unique approach to identifying critical market demand that drives scalable SaaS revenue.


Jumpstart to Digital Asset Management