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Influencer Marketing- It’s More Than Just Driving Traffic

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This session with Sprinklr’s Marshall Kirkpatrick, Influencer Marketing Expert, will explore how brands can build a demand generation feedback loop through influencer listening. The smartest brands use influencer engagement to capture insights, relevance, and foresight into their industry.
Key Takeaways:

  • Influencer marketing is maturing as a business practice and is moving from B2C into B2B
  • Influencers see things first–engaging them means you see things early
  • Brands today must talk about more than themselves, influencers can show you what will work

Marshall Kirkpatrick

Director, Influencer Marketing and Research, Sprinklr

Marshall Kirkpatrick is Product Director for Sprinklr’s influencer discovery technology, based on the startup he co-founded called Little Bird. Previously an industry leading tech blogger (TechCrunch, ReadWriteWeb) who used data and automation to break news and build relationships with key thought leaders, he’s an advocate for making influencer engagement a strategic part of doing business. 
The product Kirkpatrick leads is used by enterprise marketers in B2B and B2C to understand markets, trends and opportunities through the lens of data, social graph analysis, and contextual influence. He believes that through automation, we can accelerate discovery of great opportunities to be human.


Influencer Marketing- It's More Than Just Driving Traffic