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Hybrid Events: Tactics to Blend the In-Person and Digital Experience

The event industry is evolving and calls for a strategy shift. Hybrid is the new norm and soon, nearly every event will be delivered through multiple channels. This poses a challenge for marketers and event planners – how can you plan and execute an interactive event strategy that blends in-person and digital experience, including:

·       Event Strategy

·       Branded User Experience

·       Content and Programming

·       Audience Engagement

·       Sponsorship and Monetization

·       Data and Analytics 

On Thursday, May 27th at 1:00 pm ET, join us for a live webinar where we’ll share best practices for successfully delivering an “always-on” hybrid experience powered by the digital channel.  You will walk away with practical tips that you can implement immediately.

Once you register, you’ll be directed to our pre-webinar lobby where you can submit questions for our speakers ahead of the webinar. Let us know what your biggest challenges are and we’ll tailor the webinar conversation to address them and offer solutions.

MarkLedogar Intrado

Mark Ledogar

One Smooth Stone, a PRA Production Management and Communication Agency
Ben Chodor 2

Ben Chodor

President, Intrado Digital Media
Gabriella Cyranski

Gabriella Cyranski

Director of Virtual Event Consulting, Intrado Digital Media


Hybrid Events: Tactics to Blend the In-Person and Digital Experience