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How-Tos for Holiday Marketing in Times of Inflation

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Inflation continues to impact consumers’ behaviors around a potential recession. Retailers and ecommerce brands should expect an extremely competitive holiday season as shoppers are tightening their belts and looking for savings and the best value in addition to value proposition, fast shipping, and seamless checkout. A more comprehensive approach can help brands utilize analytics, first-party data, and multiple media platforms for more robust holiday acquisition and retention strategies.

Key Takeaways:

  • Digital strategies to help retailers and ecommerce brands reach and convert new shoppers this holiday season amid a potential recession
  • How to manage costs and profit margins with your marketing budget this holiday season
  • Strategies to reward and keep customers engaged
  • How to target and influence your upmarket with a potential premium product to generate higher profits
  • Short-term and long-term marketing goals and data points brands should concentrate on during inflation

Brent Drake

Head, Growth + Marketing, Onramp

Murry Woronoff

Director of Research, Adtaxi

Murry Woronoff began his career 25 years ago with the NW Ayer advertising agency and has been analyzing categories, consumers and media ever since. Leading him to Adtaxi were research and insights positions within local media properties and at the national corporate level. Murry is married, lives in Denver, Colorado, and has 2.7 kids.

Yael Zlatin

Ecommerce Sales Director, Adtaxi

Yael Zlatin is the Ecommerce Sales Director for Adtaxi where she creates omnichannel digital marketing strategies for businesses of all sizes to be able to scale profitably. Yael is grounded with a strong entrepreneurial background, selling her first retail business profitably right out of college. Since then, Yael has founded and sold multiple ecommerce businesses and enjoys uncovering unseen opportunities to help businesses grow. In her free time, Yael spends her time with her three kids, hiking, and exploring the Rocky Mountains.

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How-Tos for Holiday Marketing in Times of Inflation