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How to Innovate Successfully in 2022 – Key CPG Trends and Tools

This free event is now available for on-demand registration and access through January 19, 2022

As a marketer, you’ve got access to so much data. Swaths of it. But very little of it can tell you where to go next. How can you drive incremental growth for your brand? What are the lasting trends you need to jump on in your category? And how can your team isolate those ideas with the most potential in-market?

This Coffee Break Series is all about arming CPG marketers with the intel they need to innovate effectively in 2022. We’ll dive into key trends in plant-based protein and limited time offers, the formula for an excellent on-pack sustainability claim, and more. We’ll also lend our expertise in research to the conversation, bringing in experts that explain simple ways to bring more confidence to your innovation process.

Sessions Include:

Monday, Oct. 18 – How Marketing & Insights Work Together at Tim Horton’s

Tuesday, Oct. 19 – How to Write Innovation Concepts For Agile Testing

Wednesday, Oct. 20 – Winners & Losers in the Plant-Based Landscape

Thursday, Oct. 21 – Assessment of LTOs in QSR Space

Friday, Oct 22 – How to Craft Effective Sustainability Claims


“Coffee Breaks” Schedule

How Marketing & Insights Work Together at Tim Horton’s

Presenter: Jana Goodbaum, Senior Director of Marketing Communications @ Tim Horton’s Erin Cohen, Director of Consumer Insights @ Tim Horton’s

How can you optimize your relationship with insights folks to ensure the best outputs for your brand? We’re going straight to the source in this 20-minute chat between Tim Horton’s colleagues Jana Goodbaum, Senior Director of Marketing Communications and Erin Cohen, Director of Consumer Insights at Tim Horton’s.

Tune in to learn how this duo:

  • Approaches working with each other at Tim’s
  • Has found challenges and opportunities in WFH life
  • Has developed processes that could benefit you in your day-to-day

How to Write Innovation Concepts For Agile Testing

Presenter: Michael Edwards, CGO & Co-Founder

In this 20-minute session, our Chief Growth Officer and Co-Founder Michael Edwards will walk through learnings on how to create a compelling innovation concept for robust testing. Hint: the information and stimulus you include in your concept test impacts the results. In this session you’ll learn:

  • What happened when we tested the same concepts across different formats
  • How impactful length of description is to concepts
  • The way our clients leverage Upsiide to do predictive concept testing

Winners & Losers in the Plant-Based Landscape

Presenter: Samantha Evans, Senior Research Manager

The plant-based protein space is overflowing with competition.

But which brands do people gravitate towards? This 20-minute masterclass sheds light on why people eat plant-based proteins, which brands are winning the attention of consumers, and the optimal portfolio of plant-based protein brands for retailers to stock.

Assessment of LTOs in QSR Space

Presenter: Ian Ash, President

What’s the formula for a successful limited time offer?

We’ve tested a range of Limited Time Offers (LTOs) from some of the largest quick-serve restaurants (QSRs) like McDonald’s, Burger King, Tim Horton’s, Dunkin’, and Starbucks.

Tune in to this 20-minute session to learn which new menu items people want most, which LTOs tend to do particularly well across categories (and why!), and which trends to watch out for.

How to Craft Effective Sustainability Claims

Presenter: Lesley Sloggett, VP Client Service

Sustainability matters. But which claims do consumers actually care about? And which prompt them to purchase?

We’ve undertaken in-depth research into how consumers view sustainable practices as a whole, and how this translates to purchasing behaviour with on-pack claims. With competing claims about sustainability, and nuances among shoppers’ attitudes towards them, how do you decide how to act?

Tune into this 20-minute session to find out. We’ll uncover the formula for standout, effective sustainability claims in retail and food & drink.

Michael Edwards Day 2

Michael Edwards

CGO & Co-Founder, Dig Insights

Michael is Chief Growth Officer of Dig Insights, a company that Michael and three others founded in 2010. Dig Insights is now a team of more than 100, with offices in Toronto, Chicago, Vancouver and London. Michael has worked on both the client side and supplier side of the research industry for over 20 years. Michael has conducted quantitative and qualitative research on an international scale for many Fortune 500 companies, including Nestlé, Tyson, Coca-Cola, McDonald’s, P&G, Mars, Kraft and MillerCoors.

Samantha Evans Day 3

Samantha Evans

Senior Research Manager, Dig Insights

Samantha has been helping clients make actionable business decisions for 7+  years.

She has assisted clients across a range of regions and industries including retail, healthcare, tech, finance, public services, and advertising, with a focus on quantitative research methodologies. She is well-versed in concept and product testing, campaign tracking, and brand positioning, to name a few.

Samantha holds a BAH from Queen’s University, with a major in Psychology. She is a snacking enthusiast who enjoys meat and plant-based foods alike!

Ian Ash Day 4

Ian Ash

President, Upsiide

As a co-founder of Dig Insights, one of Canada’s Fastest Growing Companies (Profit 500 List, 2020), Ian has over twenty years of experience leading large scale and international market research projects across several different industries. Ian provides his clients with expertise in the areas of brand valuation, data mining, customer segmentation, market optimization, concept testing and usage and attitude studies. Project deliverables have included research design, questionnaire and discussion guide design, oversight of data collection, data analysis and reporting, as well as knowledge mobilization workshops. Ian is currently President of Upsiide, Dig’s SaaS platform for mobile-first agile innovation testing.

Lesley Sloggett

Lesley Sloggett

VP Client Service, Dig Insights

After over seven years working in a variety of retail head office roles in Canada, in early 2011 Lesley took her passion for consumer behaviour and insights and began working in dedicated research organizations.  As a result, Lesley has worked across a large swath of the CPG landscape, with rich history in the Canadian and US markets, as well as executing high-level strategic global studies.  She draws from an expertise in both syndicated and custom research methodologies.  Throughout Lesley’s career in research, she has had the pleasure in working across many industries, including the financial, media, and not-for-profit sectors. Lesley has a Bachelor of Commerce, Honours from Queen’s University.

Jana Goodbaum

Jana Goodbaum

Senior Director of Marketing & Communications, Dig Insights
erin cohen

Erin Cohen

Director of Consumer Insights, Tim Horton's


How to Innovate Successfully in 2022 – Key CPG Trends and Tools