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How to Infuse Creativity & Take Risks to Build a Brand that Demands Attention

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Both B2B and B2C marketing playbooks are changing. Building a memorable brand to stand out from the pack is top of mind for marketers. In this webinar, ClickUp’s Chief Creative Officer Melissa Rosenthal will share why brand is a top differentiator and how to infuse creativity into your brand to accelerate business growth and set your company apart.

Key Takeaways

  • How to build a memorable brand by infusing storytelling, personality, and humor into your marketing strategy
  • Tips to stand out in a crowded market no matter your budget, industry, or company size
  • The importance of establishing a brand personality from day one
  • The case for taking risks and creating out-of-the-box content to elevate your marketing strategy
  • How to up level your social strategy and effectively experiment on new platforms

Melissa Rosenthal

Chief Creative Officer, ClickUp

Melissa Rosenthal is the Chief Creative Officer at ClickUp, where she oversees the company’s in-house creative team and advertising operations. Prior to joining ClickUp, Rosenthal was the Executive Vice President at Cheddar, and Global Vice President of Creative at BuzzFeed. Melissa has been named to Forbes’ 30 Under 30, Business Insider’s 30 Most Creative People Under 30, and Digiday’s “Changemakers” for her creative work.


How to Infuse Creativity & Take Risks to Build a Brand that Demands Attention