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How to Get Running with a Social Video Strategy

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Use of video on social platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube is exploding as today’s most powerful form of digital communication. So how can brands not only leverage videos, but publish smarter, and convert their social media followers into buyers?

Join this webinar to learn how to navigate the evolving social video landscape. You’ll leave with an understanding of:

Why using video on social channels needs to be part of your digital strategy.
Tips on how to publish videos to popular social networks and the tools to measure their performance.
How to drive awareness and engagement among your social community and desired audience.

Kaitlin Bowes

Senior Demand Generation Manager, Brightcove

Kaitlin Bowes is the Senior Demand Generation Manager at Brightcove. Bowes manages cross-channel lead generation and customer marketing campaigns that drive new business pipeline, and increased retention and adoption within the existing customer base. She creates cross-functional alignment with Sales, Product Marketing and Corporate Communication teams to coordinate and deliver marketing plans and campaign reporting.


How to Get Running with a Social Video Strategy