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How to Craft a Winning Webinar Strategy for 2023 and Beyond

This free event is now available for on-demand registration and access through May 17, 2023. Once registered, the on-demand content will become available. 

Marketers who rely on experiences to connect with their audience, understand the power of webinars – whether it is for demand generation, thought leadership, or product launches. But how can we continue to create experiences that resonate with our audience and tell our brand story while keeping up with emerging trends?

In this webinar, our panel of experts will look at the latest data and trends from Notified’s 2022 Benchmark Report for Webinars to provide you with a look into 2023 and how to:

  • Implement the latest trends into your webinar strategy
  • Leverage the data to build a stronger experience
  • Keep up with the evolving audience behaviors
  • Meet your strategic goals
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Jess Brown

Heading of Marketing, Notified

Sourabh Kothari

Co-Founder and CEO, Mindcurrent

Dana Walcott

Program Manager, Global Event Technology, Bloomberg

Mindy Weinstein

PhD CEO, Market Mindshift

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How to Craft a Winning Webinar Strategy for 2023 and Beyond