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How the Pandemic Has Reshaped Digital Work and Content

This free event is now available for on-demand registration and access through February 27, 2022.

Digital content production demand is reaching new heights with the insurgence of trends like virtual events and digital work. In fact, marketers plan to produce more digital assets in 2022 than any other year. But the same drivers that are fueling the creation of more digital assets are making it harder than ever to collaborate on content creation and manage digital assets.

In this webinar, attendees will discover the psychological reasons remote work is cramping our creative style, hear the latest trends in digital creative strategy according to an October 2021 survey, and insights from virtually native creative collaborators at Canto and SketchDeck.

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Caroline Berith

Director, Marketing, Canto

Caroline Berith is the acting Director of Marketing for Canto, a global digital asset management platform that helps marketers to collect, organize, and share all of their digital assets. As many proficient marketers do, Caroline started her marketing career working in sales for professional sports organizations including the Miami Dolphins and the Tampa Bay Lightning; two early career roles that she believes permanently shaped her marketing style. In her professional career, Caroline has had the pleasure of leading marketing at all ends of the spectrum from building a marketing practice at a promising startup and helping them grow to one of the largest Microsoft partners in North America, to leading a global marketing team of over 250 through a digital and economic transformation. Caroline believes that marketers of today are the true drivers business potential. She is passionate about coaching and mentoring marketing peers to embrace change, lead innovation and celebrate achievement.


Christopher Finneral

CEO & Co-Founder, SketchDeck

Chris is the Co-Founder of SketchDeck, a global creative agency that helps marketing teams get professional design fast and efficiently, powered by collaboration technology. He loves working with interesting people on impactful problems, especially those involving operations, technology or strategy. Chris earned his Masters Degree in Engineering from Cambridge University and his professional experience ranges from management consulting at McKinsey & Company to founding multiple technology startups.


How the Pandemic Has Reshaped Digital Work and Content