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How Retails are Transforming the Way They Engage Shoppers

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Retail marketers are increasingly looking to know their shopper, personalize each interaction based on their behavior, and engage with them on their channel of choice. While this is a common focus, knowing where to start can be a challenge.

Retail experts from Salesforce will share their insights from years of experience helping companies of all sizes kick-start their digital transformation. You’ll learn about four key areas of focus – Strategy, Customer, Technology and Operations – and how these, along with assessing your digital maturity, can provide you with a launchpad for making data-driven decisions to transform your shopper experience.

Peter Brusa

Director, Business Consulting, Salesforce

Passionate on enabling retail brands with customer-centric transformation leadership and vision, Peter Brusa started his professional career while at Georgia State University while focusing on broadcast media and worked for Infinity Broadcasting fulltime before pursuing his desire in digital marketing. Brusa has led teams around digital B2C programs for some of the most well-known brands such as Apple, AT&T, Turner Entertainment and Ticketmaster.

His journey ultimately led him to leading digital teams at Sapient Razorfish and then joined Vitrue (Oracle acquisition), a leading social technology platform.


How Retailers are Transforming the Way They Engage Shoppers