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How Marketers are Using Conversation Intelligence and AI Today to Win in 2022

This free event is now available for on-demand registration and access through March 1, 2022.

AI is rapidly changing the buying journey for today’s digital-first consumers, and marketers are in the drivers’ seat of this transformational change. With increased market competition, brands only get one chance to get the buying experience “right.” These customer engagement opportunities have become the latest battleground in customer acquisition. Many marketers have turned to AI to uncover new sources of first-party data — including conversation intelligence — to get full visibility into the online-to-offline customer journey, attribute sales to marketing campaigns, and most importantly, take immediate action on insights extracted from customer conversations.

Join guest speaker Seth Marrs, Principal Analyst at Forrester Research and co-author of The Forrester Wave™: Conversation Intelligence: Sales And Marketing, Q4 2021, and Ian Dailey, VP of Product Marketing at Invoca, as they reveal the highest-impact opportunities available for marketers today and what’s around the corner in 2022.

Key Takeaways: 

1. How you can use conversation intelligence to track, attribute, route, and provide insight into inbound calls to optimize media spend, improve experiences, and drive more profitable sales calls. 

2. The various ways you can activate conversation intelligence across the martech stack to power closed-loop reporting, audience targeting, experience personalization, and more.     

3. Why your customer conversations are a goldmine of first-party marketing data and how new methodologies enable companies to automate call listening and insight extraction

Seth Marrs NEOPDF

Seth Marrs

Principal Analyst, Forrester Research

Seth brings more than 20 years of experience leading sales operations, service operations, and marketing organizations. He excels at leveraging data, process, and technology to drive growth in organizations of all sizes and in all industries.

Previous Work Experience

Before joining Forrester, Seth spent the last five years as a consultant and senior vice president leading sales operations and marketing organizations for multiple private equity-backed companies ranging in size from $200 million to $1 billion, where he was responsible for customer acquisition, sales execution, and compensation.

Before going into private equity, Seth led sales operations for Carl Zeiss Meditec in the United States and held multiple executive sales and service roles at GE Healthcare, including leading sales operations for GE Life Sciences EMEA, building and running a global lean organization for the $3 billion life sciences division of GE Healthcare, and leading sales enablement for the US region (which represented $7 billion of GE Healthcare’s revenue).


Seth received a BBA in marketing and a master’s in finance from the University of La Verne, has an MBA from the University of Oxford, and is currently completing his MS in data science at Northwestern University.


ian dailey headshot

Ian Dailey

VP, Product Marketing, Invoca

With more than 15 years of marketing and SaaS experience, Ian heads up the product and customer marketing functions at Invoca, a leading conversation intelligence platform. Prior to joining Invoca, Ian held various marketing and partnership roles at ad-tech pioneer Rocket Fuel (now Zeta Global). He graduated from the University of Southern California and holds an MBA from the University of Michigan.


How Marketers are Using Conversation Intelligence and AI Today to Win in 2022