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Greater Together: From College Student to Professional

Have you recently graduated from college? Starting your career is exciting, but it comes with plenty of challenges as well.

Join us for a special AMA Marketing Week webinar and get tips for starting your career.

Our presenters, Camille Corales and Mary Honeyman-Speichinger, will share their experiences during college, post-graduation and as young professionals. Plus they’ll highlight the benefits of how staying involved with the AMA post-graduation has helped develop their career in marketing.

What’s AMA Marketing Week?

Marketing matters and so do you. From September 30-October 4, we’re celebrating the industry by introducing you to inspiring marketers, equipping you with new, exclusive research and helping you see the value of being part of the AMA community.

Christopher Cole

Collegiate Communities Manager

Chris Cole received his Bachelor of Arts in Political Science and African Studies from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and his Master of Higher Education Administration at Florida International University where he served as a Graduate Assistant in the Center for Leadership and Service providing leadership development for FIU students. Chris has previously worked at One Million Degrees, a non-profit organization that holistically supports community college students in the City of Chicago. Now he currently serves as the Collegiate Communities Manager at the American Marketing Association where he manages and supports over 300 collegiate chapters by providing career resources, platforms of professional development, leadership development and experiential learning to AMA student membership.

Camille Corales

Camille Corales is a proud alum from the University of Houston. She’s known for her innovative thinking, her desire to create businesses, and her ability to help build professional organizations. During her time in college, she moved up to be president of her collegiate AMA chapter, helping the chapter achieve its first “top 25 award.” Afterwards, she was nominated to be on the Houston AMA Board (the #1 marketing organization) and helped oversee 7 collegiate chapters.

Now, she currently works as a business development specialist at Gartner. However, because her passion has always been education, on the side, Camille is the co-founder and head of marketing for the startup PCAT CopyCat, an educational platform that allows students to study based on their study preference – whether it be audio, visual, or repetition.

Mary Honeyman-Speichinger hails proudly hails from Iowa and is a Drake University alumna. While at Drake, she became involved in the student chapter of AMA Iowa, which eventually led her to serve on the AMA Iowa board of directors. Throughout her careers in Agriculture, Consumer Retail, Insurance, “Agency Life”, and current role as Senior Marketing Manager at  Meredith Corporation, AMA has been an integral support system and community. She is so happy to share her advice and takeaways on how to leverage this community not only to continue to learn and deepen your passion for marketing, but also to launch your career and network!

Greater Together: From College Student to Professional