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Five seismic shifts in consumer fear that impact your brand

How will your brand be affected by recent changes in consumer fear and anxiety? Consumers are operating from a place of insecurity, driven by long-running trends and emerging concerns. It is critical to understand the impact of current events, such as the pandemic and mass protests, on your audience’s fear and anxiety levels. Data was collected for this research in December 2019 and again in June 2020 – revealing the tremendous impact these last six months have had on the American psyche. Brands and organizations need to adapt to this reality to maintain authentic, trusting and engaged relationships with consumers.

Key takeaways:

  • Examine original research that compares data on fear-based behaviors both pre- and post-pandemic
  • Explore how our current reality is impacting consumer brand perceptions and shopping behaviors, and what brands can do to keep up
  • Uncover the specific factors that are influencing fear and anxiety among certain groups
  • Understand the breakdown of specific demographic divides on spending and shopping attitudes
  • Pinpoint how the shifts in consumer fear are affecting their expectations of the brands and companies with which they do business


Rebecca Brooks

Founder and CEO, Alter Agents

Human behavior has always fascinated Rebecca, which is one key reason why she entered the consumer insights field over twenty years ago and founded full-service marketing research consultancy, Alter Agents ( She feeds her curiosity by uncovering the complicated paths of today’s consumers to help clients such as SnapChat, YouTube, Activision, Viking River Cruises and others so they can make better decisions every day. Rebecca’s passion for creating a rich, energized and balanced work environment — while delivering exceptional quality and value – has created a true culture of collaboration at Alter Agents. She loves to share her thoughts speaking at conferences and writing for industry publications — and she loves to share her free time with her husband, two kids, two very handsome cats, and a fish that has lived well past his expiration date.

Devora Rogers

Chief Strategy Officer, Alter Agents

As Chief Strategy Officer at Alter Agents, Devora is responsible for helping her clients uncover what drives decision making for shoppers and consumers and designing thoughtful insights studies to solve some of the toughest brand challenges. She brings extensive digital media, shopper marketing and analytics experience to her work, as well as experience leading strategy teams in the U.S. and internationally. Devora was instrumental in pioneering new path to purchase methodology adopted by Google as the basis of their groundbreaking 2011 ZMOT study. Prior to joining Alter Agents Devora has worked, among others for Murphy Research, Inmar, Interpublic Group, and Yahoo. Devora has written for Huffington Post, AdAge, and iMedia and is a regularly featured speaker at industry and client conferences. She is co-author of Fire in the Zoo and her Tedx on the Future of Shopping and Retail has been viewed nearly 250,000 times.


Five seismic shifts in consumer fear that impact your brand