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Expanding Your Reach in a Streaming-First World

Video has become a necessity across digital platforms, engaging audiences to make a lasting impression on viewers. As audiences have increased access to information and decreased attention spans, brands must accelerate their focus on compelling video ads to capture user’s attention quickly. Understanding how to leverage video to move consumers through the buying process can help you grow your brand and drive sales effectively and efficiently.

Join our webinar where we will discuss:

  • Recent shifts in streaming consumption and their long-term effects on the market
  • How to implement video strategies that drive consumer action across platforms
  • Understanding streaming habit data to derive decisions across campaigns
  • Ways to leverage the power of the second screen to increase consideration and awareness


Lindsy O'Connor

Lindsy O’Connor has worked in advertising for over 10 years.  She graduated from Penn State with a B.S. in Marketing.  Starting her career at Augusta National Golf Club, working in their Corporate Sales department, she fell in love with sales.  Combining sales and marketing made advertising the perfect fit.  Adtaxi started in 2010 and she has been a part of their growth since the start.  She lives in South Central PA with her husband Sean and their two daughters Ava and Brynn.

Bob Batchelor

Bob Batchelor has been immersed in digital marketing before Google began dominating the advertising market. Bob has led teams across product management, product marketing, and sales enablement for various sized media companies. He is currently Adtaxi’s Director of Customer Experience working to help clients better understand and utilize the customer journey. Bob loves the fast-paced evolution of digital marketing that keeps him learning and incorporating new ways to help businesses succeed. He enjoys the mountains of Colorado with his wife and two kids.  


Expanding Your Reach in a Streaming-First World