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Discover How T-Mobile Uses Social Data to Inform All Parts of Their Business

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Social analytics aren’t all about marketing – they can power every business decision you make. There’s no better way to grasp the benefits of applying these insights to areas like customer service, sales, and product innovation than to hear from brands who’ve done it well. 
Join social analytics experts from T-Mobile as they share how social data is used to inform all parts of their business – it will be a crash course in getting the most from social data for killer results.

Lacey Perryman

Senior Manager, Executive Social Media Care, T-Mobile

Lacey Perryman has been with T-Mobile for over 12 years, holding positions in many different lines of business. Currently, she manages channel strategy for C-Suite handles and the @Tmobile brand handle from a Customer Care perspective. These specialty groups are part of the larger organization that is T-Force, a powerhouse of Customer Care via social media across all industries.

Elizabeth Russell

Senior Marketing Manager, Social Media Analytics and Reporting, T-Mobile

Elizabeth Russell has been with T-Mobile for 8 years and part of the Social Media team for the last 5 of those years. She started the Social Analytics team from the ground up and now leads a team of analysts always looking to improve and find new ways to use real time consumer insight to shape business decisions.

Mike Baglietto

Global Head of Product Marketing, NetBase

Mike Baglietto has 15+ years’ experience developing marketing strategies, campaigns and content for addressing the needs of targeted audiences. His experience spans from product management and product marketing to demand generation and social media.


Discover How T-Mobile Uses Social Data to Inform All Parts of Their Business