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Digital Transformation for a Cookieless Future: 1st-Party Data Strategies of leading brands

1st-party data is a key part of the digital transformation required of marketers ahead of next year’s third-party cookie deprecation.

In this webinar, gain perspective and learnings from Bridgestone Retail Operations’ Jacquelynn Henderson who’s responsible for their audience strategy across online and offline customer journeys, plus Cardinal Path’s Digital Transformation lead to better understand how:

  • Brands in various industries are taking stock and shoring up their 1st-party data assets
  • To build toward 1st-party data as part of nearly every interaction
  • Facilitating a cookieless ecosystem to address both privacy and personalization

You’ll walk away with fresh insights and a framework to help guide your efforts toward creating a first-party data strategy that will deliver marketing success in a cookieless 2021.



Corey Cardinal Path

Corey Blenkarn

Associate Director, Digital Transformation, Cardinal Path

Corey brings over 10 years’ data and analytics experience within CPG, Retail and Financial Services to his role at Cardinal Path where he helps brands to develop and achieve digital transformation for market growth and bottom-line profitability. He holds a BA in Economics & Fine Arts from the University of Waterloo, and a Master’s in Marketing from the University of Portsmouth.

Jacquelynn Henderson

Jacquelynn Henderson

BSRO Omni Channel Marketing Manager @Bridgestone Americas

Jacquelynn Henderson is the BSRO Omni Channel Marketing Manager. She is responsible for developing the audience strategy across their digital and traditional journey to improve the Boss experience. And she manages the direct channels to improve engagement and retention of their customers.


Digital Transformation for a Cookieless Future: 1st-Party Data Strategies of Leading Brands