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Demystifying Event Marketing

Event Marketing. What does it mean? Too often, the event marketing discussion focuses mostly on event promotion. But the average B2B organization spends 40% of its marketing budget on live events, so we know that an event marketing strategy needs to encompass more than just audience generation. During this discussion we’ll uncover why events are such an important part of a holistic marketing strategy and how they are uniquely capable of delivering incredible returns when integrated as part of a multi-channel marketing strategy.


Alyssa Peltier

Manager, Event Marketing - Cvent

Since joining Cvent in January 2016, Alyssa Peltier has lead various customer-facing programs that includes advocacy, feedback strategy, storytelling, and most recently, corporate event marketing. She manages a team that is responsible for the marketing strategy and execution of Cvent’s top tier events including the company’s largest, Cvent CONNECT, and several large trade shows. In 2017, Alyssa received the Cvent Newcomer of the Year Award. Prior to joining Cvent, Alyssa got her start in marketing where she spent six years working for the largest privately-owned and operated waste management company on the east coast. Starting out as an in-house graphic designer, Alyssa ultimately took on the complete marketing function, modernizing the organization’s marketing strategy, which included implementation of an eMarketing platform, corporate rebrand and simultaneous web/CMS rollout, and the design of a 1,000 square foot interactive learning center for community recycling outreach programs. Alyssa is a graduate of Virginia Tech with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Visual Communications and Design.

Myllisa Patterson

Senior Director, Event Cloud Marketing Campaigns - Cvent

Myllisa Patterson is Senior Director of Event Cloud Marketing Campaigns at Cvent. With 18 years of experience in communications and marketing, she’s passionate about building long-lasting relationships between people and brands. A technical marketer at heart, she has a unique approach to combining new media channels with traditional marketing tactics that reach customers and prospects in a meaningful way. Quick to embrace new technology and digital tactics, she’s also committed to empowering marketers and event professionals with tools and best practices to make their lives easier.


Demystifying Event Marketing