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COVID-19, one year on: top tips for marketers

Are you blessed with psychic powers?

If so – good for you. A lucrative career in showbiz awaits.

If not – use GWI to get inside your consumers’ heads.

As every marketer knows, consumer behavior can be hard to interpret. Yet in the shadow of Covid, understanding why your audiences think and act the way they do has never been more important.

That’s where this facts-rich webinar comes in. It shines a powerful spotlight on consumer motivation, revealing how and why their habits are shifting.

We’ll explore:

●  The changing patterns of tech use and what really matters

●  How changing demand for ecommerce could affect your business

●  The personal impact on consumers’ health in 2021

●  Our data-led predictions for consumer spending

Sound good? Then sign up now and let the insights on offer tip the scale of success in your favour.


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Virna Sekuj

Virna Sekuj

U.S. VP of Trends and Research - GWI

Virna is a U.S. VP of Trends and Research at GWI. Working across both the Trends and Global Research teams, she uses GWI data to help clients with strategic business goals and decisions. Additionally, she contributes to GWI reports, authors thought leadership, and acts as a media liaison where insight is needed. Her interests include consumer psychology, gender representation in media, and the relationship between humans and technology.



Chase Buckle

Chase Buckle

Head of Global Trends - GWI

Chase is the Head of Global Trends at GWI. Whether it’s in GWI’s thought leadership reports or in representing GWI in the media, he uses the company’s research studies to unlock the most up-to-date understanding of the modern digital consumer.


COVID-19, one year on: top tips for marketers