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Cookie Monster Gonna Starve! How To Future-Proof Your Marketing Activities From Third-Party Cookie Loss

This free event is now available for on-demand registration and access through January 31, 2023. Once registered, the on-demand content will become available.

Marketers have been eating up cookies like the famous Sesame Street character. Num! Num! Num! But be warned, the cookie famine is on the horizon!

The public increasingly values privacy over personalization. Laws are being enacted to protect consumer privacy and companies like Apple and Google are jumping on board. How will higher-ed marketers stay fed with data and continue to drive student engagement and applications?

With less attribution data and higher education in the recessionary spotlight, how will you keep marketing budgets from shrinking?

Join us for this informative session to:

  • Learn how to create data strategies and communications between Marketing, Admissions & Communications disparate systems
  • Uncover knowledge from your current data
  • Build a first-party data core
  • Future proof marketing activities and budgets as we prepare for the loss of third-party cookies

Samantha Kermode

VP, Strategic Growth, Investis Digital

Samantha speaks at numerous conferences online and around the country, where she teaches marketers and executives how to align their digital marketing efforts with their customers’ journey. In her role as VP of Strategic Development at Investis Digital, she crafts solutions that help brands stay in front of their ideal customers and exceed their business goals.

With a focus on marketing recruitment for higher education, Samantha has helped hundreds of institutions and brands across multiple industries and specialties. She provides the tools and training marketers need to look at the big picture and understand gaps to driving enrollment and growing the bottom line.

Samantha maintains a robust speaking schedule, giving dynamic 30-minute session talks on performance marketing, content strategy, lead nurture and digital development. She also teaches a four-hour workshop for marketers and CEOs on the customer journey at a variety of conferences across the globe.

Outside of work, Samantha’s passions include animal activism, being outdoors, traveling almost every weekend and meeting new friends. You might spot her around town with her dog, Ziggy Wayne, on one of their many adventures.

Paul Headley

VP, Strategy & Analytics, Investis Digital

As VP of Strategy & Analytics, Paul helps tell integrated digital stories from the consumer’s point of view. He’s an expert at blending data through an omni-channel lens to create custom digital strategy plans for clients and leads the team architecting new data platforms for Investis Digital.

Paul’s a humble man with the beard to match. He enjoys the occasional trip to Flagstaff, AZ, to throw discs, stay in hostels, and frequent local watering holes. He’s continuously honing his hide-and-seek, somersault, and homework skills to keep up with his kids.



Cookie Monster Gonna Starve! How To Future-Proof Your Marketing Activities From Third-Party Cookie Loss