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Using AI Assistants to Engage Buying Groups

B2B sales typically involve a group of people within an account, yet many vendors still take a lead centric approach to marketing. This is understandable given the large number of contacts that are flowing through the marketing funnel. However, by placing the emphasis on scale, many companies give up on personalization and the ability to target an entire buying group.

Technology is a vital resource to pivot from a lead-centric to an account-centric approach, as well as provide personalization at scale.

Join Kerry Cunningham, Senior Research Director, Marketing Operations Strategies at SiriusDecisions, and Jan Sijp, Sr. Director of Product Marketing at Conversica, for a webinar where they’ll uncover:

• How to target and approach buying groups and demand units
• AI Assistants’ ability to fill the gaps in your ABM strategy
• How Conversational AI Assistants can have the appropriate conversations with each persona in your target buying group
• What results you may expect from deploying AI Assistants


Kerry Cunningham

Senior Research Director


Kerry Cunningham has more than 20 years of experience in b-to-b demand creation and management, spanning a broad array of industries and markets. As vice president of operations for a leading b-to-b teleservices organization for more than 15 years, Kerry has been a thought leader in the design and implementation of inside sales, tele-prospecting, telemarketing and processes and teams for a wide array of b-to-b products, solutions and services. From more than a decade spent straddling the fence between marketing and sales, Kerry has also developed a wealth of experience expertise in the alignment of marketing and sales organizations. Along the way, Kerry has developed implemented lead management processes for many of the world’s most prominent b-to-b brands, amassing substantial real-world expertise in lead acquisition, governance and propensity modeling. Kerry also possesses a unique combination of academic and real-world expertise in organizational design and management, including expertise in cross-cultural organizational design and change management, employee selection and retention, and performance management. Kerry has a BA in psychology from Indiana University and an MS in industrial/organizational psychology from San Francisco State University, where his research focused on illuminating the drivers of human economic behavior, and where he authored a blog devoted to reporting on the latest research in behavioral economics and consumer behavior.

Jan Sijp

Senior Director of Product Marketing


Jan Sijp is senior director of product marketing at Conversica, the leader in conversational AI Assistants for business and the only provider of AI-driven lead engagement software for marketing and sales organizations. Prior to joining Conversica, Jan spent five years at Genesys, provider of CX software solutions, leading strategic programs, including corporate strategy, competitive intelligence, sales enablement, and market research. Earlier in his career, Jan has been in leadership roles in product management and strategy consulting at SonicWALL and R.B. Webber & Company respectively.


Using AI Assistants to Engage Buying Groups