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CMO Webinar: How are leading brands leveraging first party data to drive engaging customer experiences & business outcomes?

There’s an almost limitless amount of data available today. Consumers are generating millions of digital signals each day that can be captured, collected, and used to create more personalized interactions.

Data-driven marketing enables marketing teams to spend more time on creative (48%) and create more targeted campaigns and personalized messaging (48%) according to Forbes.

But are we using first-party customer data to full its potential?

Join leading retail marketers from forward thinking brands as they discuss:

  • Why creating a single customer view is crucial to driving business outcomes
  • How customers’ buying patterns, preferences, location, level of engagement, content preferences and more are driving better results from their communication
  • What programs and campaigns using first-party customer data are bringing success
  • Where brands are on their journey to connect the dots between numerous disparate interactions and touchpoints to create an omnichannel experience
  • How they are leveraging technology drive sophisticated marketing programs with increased automation and personalization


Leandi McMurphy

Director of Marketing, Char-Broil, Oklahoma Joe’s, and SABER

Leandi lives to form meaningful connections with people by finding that beautiful intersection between a person’s need and a company’s solution. She believes that every marketer must balance a deceivingly simple equation — finding the right story for the right consumer at the right time. To tackle that equation, Leandi has successfully built and executed multi-faceted and data-driven campaigns in both B2C and B2B markets. She is tackling that equation now in the outdoor cooking space as the Director of Marketing for Char-Broil, Oklahoma Joe’s, and SABER grills.

Charlie Cole

Chief Executive Officer, FTD

Charlie Cole was named Chief Executive Officer of FTD in March 2020. Charlie brings extensive digital and retail leadership experience to FTD. Most recently, he served as the first Global Chief eCommerce Officer for Samsonite while simultaneously serving as Chief Digital Officer for Tumi, which was acquired by Samsonite. Prior to Samsonite, Charlie held executive positions and led digital transformations at several companies, including Assembled Brands, a holding company providing talent and business development to emerging designers and companies focused on building lasting brands (where he served as CEO of The Line), Schiff Nutrition, a leading nutritional supplement company acquired by Reckitt Benckiser, and Lucky Brand Jeans. He also provides advisory services to a number of companies operating in the e-commerce arena. Charlie holds a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from the University of Washington.

Alex Timlin

Senior Vice President, Emarsys

Alex is a Senior Vice President at Emarsys, leading their Go To Market Strategy for industry specific solutions across various verticals including Retail, Pure-Play Ecommerce and Direct to Consumer Brands, Travel and Mobile Applications businesses. A regular industry speaker, content contributor and founding member of the Data & Marketing Association’s Customer Engagement Committee Alex brings a wealth of experience from working directly with hundreds of brands across different geographies a more than a decade in leadership roles in the marketing technology and customer engagement space.


CMO Webinar: How are leading brands leveraging first party-customer data to drive engaging customer experiences & business outcomes?