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CDP: Maximizing the Value of Your Customer Data

This free event is now available for on-demand registration and access through September 11, 2022. Once registered, the on-demand content will become available. 

It’s 2022 and siloed and under-utilized data are not enough anymore. In this engaging webinar you’ll learn how you can unify your customer data to give visitors a personalized and intuitive experience across any channel using one of martech’s most powerful tools – the customer data platform (CDP). You’ll learn what a CDP is, how it’s different from other tools in your stack, and why you can’t future proof your marketing strategy without one.

Eric Swezey

Strategic Product Specialist – CDP&Personalize, Sitecore

Eric is a CDP subject matter expert and strategist with a passion for driving effective marketing campaigns that enable marketers to meet both internal and customer expectations.  He has over a decade of experience in helping clients navigate marketing technology, including time in both data and activation solutions to bring a unique perspective to achieving organizations’ goals and objectives as a Strategic Product Specialist at Sitecore.

Natalie Mankowski

Natalie Mankowski

Marketing Manager, Fishtank Consulting

Natalie Mankowski is an experienced marketing strategist, passionate about helping brands forge strong and authentic connections with their customers using world-class end-to-end technology, relevant content and personalization.

As the Marketing Manager at Fishtank Consulting, Natalie has helped some of the biggest brands in the world to thrive amongst the changing digital landscape. She specializes in pairing killer omni-channel marketing strategies with the latest marketing technologies, and is a multi-time marketing industry award winner.

dan cruickshank

Dan Cruickshank

President, Fishtank Consulting

Dan is the President of Fishtank Consulting and a long-time super-user of technology. He oversees Fishtank’s DXP practice by day while dreaming of CDP possibilities by night.

With over 25 years of history developing online experiences, his technology-first approach and creative thinking has consistently led to innovative solutions for some of the biggest brands in the world.

Dan has also been recognized as a multi-time award winner in the areas of DXP & search and looks to bring that same level of insight to customer data platforms.



CDP: Maximizing the Value of Your Customer Data