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Cargill & Marketing Cloud are Accelerating B2B Customer Engagement and Lifetime Value

Salesforce Marketing Cloud helps B2B manufacturers thrive, so it’s no surprise Cargill uses it to achieve their corporate mission of helping people thrive. Learn how Cargill is engaging leads faster and capturing insights to personalize how they engage. You’ll hear their rapid journey from concept to launch, the insights captured to accelerate engagement, how they measure and track their progress and what’s next in their journey to engage customers end to end, improve loyalty and increase lifetime value.


Tiffany Tooley

Salesforce, Senior Director, Product Marketing

Kim Gandhi

Cargill, Global Program Manager

Kim Gandhi is a Global Program Manager in Cargill and is responsible for the Salesforce practice in the Food Ingredient Bio-Industrial Group.  She is a Trailhead Ranger with over 450 badges along with 4 Salesforce Certifications.  She has been part of the Salesforce ecosystem for over 6 years and continues to expand her expertise and knowledge of the platform to help drive customer engagement and success with the Cargill customers.  She enjoys mentoring and bringing in interns to learn and expand their knowledge plus works on a variety of philanthropy projects.  A mother of 3, she enjoys global travel and watersports with her family along with finding those quiet moments to just enjoy a great book or having a wonderful meal with her husband of 18 years!

Rafael Hernandez

Cargill, Enterprise Application Designer


Cargill & Marketing Cloud are Accelerating B2B Deals & Customer Lifetime Value