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Applying Data to Fuel Marketing Success

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As a marketer, you are expected to smoothly navigate through a complex and dynamic marketplace where fully empowered consumers and businesses rewrite their buying journeys each and every day. By applying data science and utilizing research, marketers can more effectively reach their target audiences and measure program effectiveness with precision and velocity by applying data to fuel marketing success.​

Key Takeaways

  • The imperatives of data-driven marketing in a hyperconnected, infinitely mobile world
  • How to correlate marketing data with sales outcomes that equate to ROI
  • Crucial data-driven marketing trends for 2019 and beyond 
    How to unleash the data science potential within your organization


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Read Ziegler

President, VANTEDGE

Read Ziegler passion for helping companies has driven him for more than 25 years as a sales and marketing executive, company founder, and strategic advisor. He has developed high-performance sales & marketing strategies and initiatives for companies of all sizes in the communications, technology, financial services, manufacturing, CPG and healthcare industries. Some of his past experience includes MCI and and client engagements range from Samsung, Cricket Wireless, Aflac, Coca-Cola, Georgia Power, GE and much more. 
Ziegler founded VANTEDGE in 2005 and remains the primary visionary, guiding the company’s many innovative offerings and its quest as the leader in data-driven marketing performance.

Applying Data to Fuel Marketing Success