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Adobe Customer Experience Preparedness & Response

Customers expect everything. And great experiences are how you satisfy them. This means putting the experience at the core of your company. Not just in your marketing. But in your products, your culture, and every interaction people have with your brand. To compete, you have to do it all, not just part of it! And the core tenets of the brand extends to how you manage the customer journey when there is an emergency.

How do you handle the influx of requests from your customers, vendors and employees at scale and in real time? Is your company digitally prepared for an emergency? Please join Adobe as we discuss recent events and the importance of digital during times of critical response.

Customer Experience Management resolves the challenges of escalating customer expectations, new engagement & business models and existing systems that struggle to interoperate and scale. Removing the friction around these challenges is important to compete and win. During a crisis it’s the difference between reducing operational load while managing customer recovery vs escalating costs and brand erosion.

Please join Adobe as we discuss recent events and the importance of digital during times of critical response.

  • Building a strong digital foundation
  • Leveraging data to gain insights
  • Scaling with digital during a real-time emergency

Julie Hoffmann

Julie is a customer experience advocate and thought leader with 20+ years as a data driven marketer focused on eCommerce and customer experience management for Fortune 500 companies in both Travel and CPG verticals. She’s led numerous teams and organizations through digital transformations and developed strategies around change management to enable teams and empower individuals. She views digital as an enabler to a better customer experience and a critical element to operating in real-time in a seamless manner. As the Global Head of Industry for Travel, Hospitality and Dining brands, her priority focus is helping to educate and inspire brands in their digital transformations.

Tom Swanson

Healthcare Industry Strategist, Adobe Systems

Tom brings a decade of experience in the healthcare industry to Adobe, as well as extensive experience in digital transformation.  Tom’s role at Adobe includes positioning Adobe in the health and life sciences marketplace, providing thought leadership, enabling the field, and evangelizing the importance of this industry both publicly and internally.


Adobe Customer Experience Preparedness & Response