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A Single Source of Truth: Possible or Paradox?

Every organization is on the perennial hunt for the “single source of truth.” While rapid advancements in technology continue to make more and more data available for aggregation and analysis, there still remains an inherent difficulty in ascertaining exactly what “the truth” is.

Join us as Karl Schneider, VP of Technology at Verticurl, explores this enduring dilemma and provides insights on how to best tackle this problem within your organization

In this webinar, you’ll gain insight into:

  • How best to define the “truth” when it comes to customer acquisition
  • What tools are appropriate in that search
  • The impact on business outcomes this endeavor can provide
Karl Schneider

Karl Schneider

Vice President of Technology at Verticurl

Karl Schneider has 37 years of experience in digital technology, with the last 25 years specifically in marketing and sales tech and strategy. He’s held a wide variety of responsibilities – both in hands-on and leadership marketing roles as well as consulting and advisory roles for the full alphabet of enterprise organizations from Adobe to Zions Bancorporation.

Karl believes that with the continuing explosion of marketing and sales technologies available, it is more important than ever for companies to select the right technology solutions, configure them appropriately for their environments and use cases, and strategically weave them into the daily fabric of their organization. Or, potentially, to augment their existing technology stack and resources to derive the maximum value available from their existing investments. Either way, he and his counterparts at Verticurl help companies exceed their revenue goals through the optimized application of strategy and technology. Verticurl, a WPP Company, is a global leader in MarTech Services, Demand Generation, and Digital Strategy, with nearly 1,000 employees distributed across United States, Canada, Brazil, Australia, Singapore, UK, Japan, Korea, Thailand, Mexico, Costa Rica, India, Indonesia and Greater China, supporting customers in more than 20 languages and a variety of industry sectors such as High Tech, Banking, Insurance and Financial Services, Manufacturing, Healthcare, and Consumer Electronics.

You can connect with Karl on LinkedIn at, or on Twitter @DemandGenGuy





A Single Source of Truth: Possible or Paradox?