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7 Marketing Strategies for Business Growth

May 26, 2021 –12 pm CT

The overall benchmark for the online customer experience has risen dramatically. Businesses are faced with new challenges and will need to experiment with a variety of channels, deploy their budget strategically, and continue to analyze what is working for them. How can you grow your businesses in this busy market? You will need to level up your marketing game.

You’ll learn:

-Tips for personalizing your customer journey

-How to coordinate a cross-channel strategy

-Ways to analyze what’s working in order to grow your business


JW Headshot

Jonathan Woodward

Head of Acquisition & ABM - Adobe Digital Experience Cloud

Jonathan Woodward is Head of Acquisition & ABM for Adobe Digital Experience Cloud, Americas. Driven by data and a closed-loop marketing philosophy, he takes pride in delivering demand programs that are buyer centered, innovative, and impactful. Prior to Adobe, Jonathan held roles in brand management, high-growth start-ups, and education technology.


7 Marketing Strategies for Business Growth