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5 Webinar Rules to Break

Begins at 11am PT/1pm CST

Webinars. They have been run the same way, for the same purposes, for ages. But modern audiences don’t want old school marketing, they want inspiring experiences, which means it’s time to break the rules and re-think what a webinar can be.

Attend “5 Webinar Rules to Break” and re-imagine, or just plain reject, old school webinars, to transform your programs in the new year.

You will learn:

  • New formats, no formats, any formats
  • Rescheduling the schedule
  • Building your binge-ability (it’s a word)
  • Leads are boring, aim higher

It’s time to break some rules and create experiences to meet the expectations of this new world. Register now and learn how.

Mark Bornstein 3

Mark Bornstein

VP, Content Marketing, ON24


5 Webinar Rules to Break