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5 Tips to Take your Customer Engagement Strategy to the Next Level in 2021 with MoEngage

Customer experience has the power to make or break a brand. In today’s remote digital-first environment, having the right customer engagement strategy is more important than ever.

Today’s consumers demand an individualized experience across channels, with content in-context. Every engagement with a consumer is an opportunity as a marketer to demonstrate that you know who they are, what they care about, and how you can help them.

This is the dream, but it’s often much harder for brands to execute at scale. Marketers aspire to provide a seamless experience that’s personalized across every digital touch point – from web to email, SMS to mobile app and beyond – to better engage audiences and drive conversions.

In this webinar, we’ll cover:
● Trends driving customer engagement in 2021
● The challenges of delivering a consistent customer experience
● Overcoming the obstacles to delivering personalized, omnichannel customer engagements
● How to leverage a customer engagement platform to scale your strategy

Meagan White

Head of North America Marketing at MoEngage

Meagan White leads the North America marketing and sales development team at MoEngage. She has more than a decade of marketing leadership experience within the martech, customer experience, and content management sectors, managing marketing strategies in various functions including demand generation, digital marketing, product marketing and communications. She holds a master’s degree from Boston University.

Irmina Myszkowska

Senior Product Marketing Manager at MoEngage

Irmina Myszkowska leads product marketing for North America at MoEngage. Irmina is a marketing & product strategist with +10 years of international experience designing and executing multi-channel, innovative marketing strategies in organizations ranging from technology start-ups to multinational Fortune 500 companies. Irmina has an MBA in Innovation, MSc Marketing, and MSc Computer Information Systems.


5 Tips to Take your Customer Engagement Strategy to the Next Level in 2021 with MoEngage