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4 Outdated Email Practices & How to Modernize your Email Marketing Program 

This free event is now available for on-demand registration and access through September 12, 2022. Once registered, the on-demand content will become available. 

Digital marketing changes by the minute. And while today’s marketing leaders are quick to embrace the next, new technology, “tried and true” channels like email are often not given the attention they deserve despite their ability to consistently generate revenue.

Hear from Danielle Gallant and Megan Farquharson, two Email Strategists from Validity, as they discuss 4 common email marketing practices that may be hurting you more than helping you, and the steps you can take to supercharge your email program and drive more conversions.

You will learn how to:

  1. Deliver better, more personalized email campaigns by incorporating subscriber feedback and engagement signals
  2. “Level Up” your email creative strategy by leveraging machine learning and AI
  3. Measure the things that matter by ditching antiquated “Vanity Metrics” and diving below the surface with your campaign reporting and analytics to understand what’s really going on with your subscribers

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Danielle Gallant

Email Strategist, Validity Inc.

Danielle has 8 years of experience in the email channel, starting her career on the client-side as a marketer before moving into consulting. Her experience includes a wide array of email projects including CRM oversight, deliverability troubleshooting, content refresh, as well as ESP migrations and IP warmup planning. As an Email Strategist, Danielle tells stories with data and provides actionable, data driven solutions aimed at strengthening the relationship between brands and their subscribers. Danielle has helped to optimize email programs for senders across a variety of industries and thrives on uncovering areas of opportunity in her client’s email programs. Based in Toronto, she can often be found at the beach (yes, in the winter too!) with her dog Nixon or rummaging through estate sales for hidden treasure.

Megan Farquharson

Email Strategist, Validity Inc.

Megan’s extensive email knowledge is backed by over 8 years of industry experience. She created the email program for one of the largest furniture retail chains in the US, worked as an Email Manager for a digital agency, and is now an Email Strategist with Validity. Megan has a background in many industries, has developed and executed tailored email marketing strategies for B2B and B2C companies, and uses a combined analytical and creative methodology to create action plans for data driven results. In addition to email strategy, Megan also has experience with HTML, CSS and UX design, and a background as a Front-End Web Developer.


4 Outdated Email Practices & How to Modernize your Email Marketing Program