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Generative AI Strategy and Best Practices

Online | 2 Hours | Beginner

Shape the Future of Marketing with AI Power

By now you know what Generative AI (GenAI) is, but the real question is: How are you using GenAI to give your marketing strategy a competitive edge?

Discover the transformative potential of GenAI in this virtual training where we’ll explore real-world applications and benefits, learn about prompt examples to engineer better results, uncover limitations/challenges and gain hands-on experience.

See GenAI in action for marketers, learn how to make the most out of AI tools and leave with a confident understanding to incorporate it into your marketing strategy.

August 22, 2023 | 10:00 a.m. – Noon CT

Key Takeaways

  • Gain a more comprehensive understanding of Generative AI (GenAI).
  • Discuss a framework for choosing the right GenAI solutions for your business.
  • Learn about prompt engineering and content creation using GenAI.

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Understanding Generative AI

  • Definition and concept of Generative AI (Terms and Definitions)
  • Differentiating Generative AI from other AI techniques (GenAI vs. Traditional AI)
  • Real-world applications of Generative AI in marketing – leveled the playing field; how will marketers differentiate & what will consumers expect

Fundamentals of Generative AI

  • Overview of Generative AI algorithms and techniques
  • How Generative AI learns from data and generates new content
  • Prompting – There is no one perfect prompt
  • Elements of a Good Prompt – clear and specific instructions, iterative process
  • Mindset Shift – Creator to Editor (Output is just a draft)

Examples of Generative AI in Marketing

  • Overview of current GenAI Landscape – highlight Mktg applications
  • Use Cases for Generative AI in marketing
  • Examples of text generation, image synthesis, and video creation using Generative AI
  • Impact GenAI will have on Personalization, Efficiency, Creativity, and ROI


Benefits/Opportunities and Limitations/Challenges

  • Exploring the advantages and benefits of incorporating Generative AI in marketing
  • Opportunities for personalized marketing, creative content generation, and customer engagement
  • Discussing the limitations and challenges associated with Generative AI in marketing
  • Addressing ethical considerations, transparency, customer privacy, data quality issues, and potential biases
  • Responsibilities of Marketers: proliferation of content, community curation will be key – influencers will be more influential, shiny-object syndrome – need for comprehensive AI Strategy

Framework for Choosing GenAI for your Business

  • Considerations for selecting Use Cases for business
  • 2×2 Matrix – Creativity and Competitive Advantage
  • Buy vs. Build Decision Making

Best Practices and Live Interactive Session

  • Sharing best practices for effectively utilizing Generative AI in marketing strategies – Prompting Cheat sheet
  • Conduct Live Interactive Session with examples of Prompts for ChatGPT/ Bing/ Bard
  • Encourage Hackathons, experimentation, and failure, but with clear guidance on where and how your organizations should and should not use GenAI

Q&A and Wrap Up Discussion

  • Encouraging participants to ask questions and share their thoughts
  • Discuss any unexpected outputs based on the interactive session
  • Facilitating a discussion around potential use cases and concerns
  • Summarizing the key takeaways from the session
  • Providing additional resources for further learning

Frank Mendoza

Managing Partner, Catalytics

Frank Mendoza, the Founder and Managing Partner of Catalytics, is a highly respected and award-winning analytics leader with over two decades of experience in Strategy, Customer Experience and Data Science. Catalytics has helped high-profile companies such as Nike, Kelloggs, Keurig Dr Pepper and Jim Beam to successfully execute actionable AI and Data Analytics strategies to solve their toughest business challenges.

Frank currently serves as a member of the Analytics Expert Network for the esteemed International Institute for Analytics (IIA). Frank holds a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering and an Executive MBA from The University of Texas at Austin.

Who Should Attend?

  • This session is designed for anyone interested in exploring the applications and potential of Generative AI in marketing.
  • Marketing professionals, strategists, content creators, campaign managers and anyone seeking to enhance their marketing strategies with innovative AI technology will find this session valuable.


What’s Included?

  • 2 hours of live instruction starting at 10:00 a.m. CT
  • Interactive Q&A
  • Tips and best practices
  • Access to recording and resources for three months


Generative AI Strategy and Best Practices