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Developing a Creative Mindset

Online | 11 a.m. - 1 p.m. Central Each Day

Generate Impactful Marketing Ideas

In today’s always-on world, marketers are being asked to do more with less. We are challenged with developing successful content and campaigns, which rise above our competitors and engage with our target audiences effectively.

Creative thinkers are needed now more than ever. When asked to do more with less, the most successful marketers understand creativity is not just for a few members of the “creative” team—it’s everyone. Fortunately, people are not just born with creative thinking skills. It’s a process that can be learned, nurtured and grown.

In this engaging virtual workshop, we’ll walk you through proven tips and techniques

to help each member of your team develop a creative mindset. 

You’ll learn specific ways of taking your team’s creative thinking to the next level, including effective team virtual brainstorm techniques, ways to better understand your target markets and helpful problem-solving strategies. 

The workshop will provide industry-specific and relevant case studies, and real-time exercises to empower and motivate your teams’ creative mindsets.

Register prior to the event and you’ll receive access to review the training on-demand if you cannot make both full days of instruction.

What’s Included

  • 4 hours of live instruction over two days (starting at 11 a.m. Central each day)
  • Interactive Q&A and hands-on exercises
  • Resources, templates, tips and best practices

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After completing registration, you will receive a purchase receipt. We will email you the information for accessing this training closer to the event.

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Key Takeaways

  • Improve marketing effectiveness by understanding important creative thinking foundations and how to develop creative mindsets across a marketing team and organization
  • Grow marketing efficiency by developing and leading successful in-person or virtual team brainstorms generating strong creative and innovative campaign ideas
  • Deliver stronger marketing ROI through delivering consistent and creative marketing campaigns and building better productive workplace relationships


Cord Silverstein

President, Advocacy Social

Cord Silverstein is an award-winning brand and content marketer and social media strategist. He ensures his clients do not confuse audience with influence by developing campaigns that allow brands to engage with their most loyal customers and fans. Silverstein has focused throughout his career in bringing down the walls within his clients’ organizations to develop and launch campaigns that deliver tangible and trackable success.

AMA Event Policies

Day 1

Developing a Creative Mindset

  • The four principles for developing a creative mindset
  • CASE STUDY: Industry relevant example showing how using a
    creative mindset raised marketing to the next level
    Individual Exercise:
  • EXERCISE: Get out of your head: Generate 25 new campaign ideas for your brand, product or service in two minutes

Creative Problem Solving

  • The creative problem-solving model process: Clarify, Ideate,
    Develop and Implement
  • Understand the different preferences for ways of thinking that will make up your team and how each approaches creativity differently
  • EXERCISE: Identity what is your creative thinking preference and now that you know your preference how can you maximize your creativity for both yourself and your team?

Emotional Intelligence (EQ) and the Art of Telling an Engaging Story

  • Learn how our target markets brains work and how to tap into their emotions through effective brand stories
  • Understand clarifying questions designed to organize any ambiguous campaign ideas
  • Understand how your target markets engage with content
  • EXERCISE: Write two headlines that will get your target market to engage

Day 2

Inject Emotions into Your Content

  • Preparing and organizing thoughts
  • Using the proper tone, speed, and breathing
  • Best practices to create connections virtually
  • How to eliminate internal and external noise

Successful Team Brainstorms

  • In-person and virtual team brainstorm techniques
  • Successfully address and approach team challenges
  • Execute brainstorms that will deliver a wealth of new and innovative ideas
  • EXERCISE: Attendees will be broken out into teams and given a campaign idea that needs a brainstorm

Overcoming Creative Blocks and Barriers

  • Successful strategies to avoid or overcome creative barriers
  • The three D’s: Defer judgment, defocus and distance
  • In and Out Thoughts note-taking

Good vs. Great Marketing

  • Examples and details of marketing campaigns that truly
    differentiated themselves, told a great story and engaged with their target audiences
  • Preparing yourself to take your marketing to the next level
  • EXERCISE: Begin developing your action plan

Developing a Creative Mindset