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Shake it to Map it: The New Age of Mobile Conversion

The future of mobile conversion tracking is omnichannel. There are a diverse range of other touchpoints and events across that you need to measure to gain a contextual understanding of your audience, optimize marketing efforts, and facilitate conversions both within and beyond mobile. It’s time for a shake-up.

In this webinar, find out why you need to track key mobile events at the individual field level and learn how to turn your conversion data into high-impact omnichannel engagement for the individual.

You’ll learn:

  • The evolution of mobile conversion tracking and the challenges brands face today
  • How to measure conversions of the omnichannel customer in context
  • How to use individualized conversion data to boost campaign impact and marketing ROI


Jay Pring, Head of Sales, Resulticks

Jay has more than 18 years of experience in cloud technology, media, and digital transformation. He has led successful digital transformation and market growth efforts for Salesforce, BMW, and  Suncorp Bank. A trusted advisor to leading brands across verticals such as Samsung, BMW, Suncorp Bank and more. At Resulticks, Jay identifies and nurtures key accounts while also leveraging his expertise across key markets.


Shake it to Map it: The New Age of Mobile Conversion