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Jumpstart Growth in 2021: A Holistic Marketing Approach with Wrike

Make your next 10-minute coffee break a productive one. Starting Monday, February 8th, Wrike will host a series of “Coffee Break” webinars that provide micro-learning opportunities.

And in the blink of an eye, we were all working remote — at least that’s how it felt in the first part of 2020. The abrupt changes forced on us all by the pandemic led each of us to adapt our workflows and processes as best we could on the fly. But now it’s 2021. What’s next? How do marketers manage recovery, streamline collaboration, reconnect with their audience?  

These questions, and many others, are answered in the latest AMA Coffee series Jumpstart Growth in 2021: A Holistic Marketing Approach. Each episode showcases a marketing expert from Wrike who shares their biggest takeaway from 2020 and what they believe will be key to growth in a post-pandemic world. The series focuses on the ways collaborative work management technology can help organizations roll out a holistic marketing plan, maintain relevance, rise above the social media noise, speed up digital transformation, and more. These must-hear sessions are ideal for marketers of all levels regardless of role. 

Sessions include:

“Coffee Breaks” Schedule

Less Noise, More Connection: Staying Relevant (and Likeable) on Your Social Channels

Presenter : Rory Schaff

With a growing number of channels and audiences already inundated with content, how do brands engage in meaningful social media conversations? Join this session to learn how to refocus your strategy in a post-pandemic world while impacting bottom line results.

How Marketing Leaders Can Fuel Growth in 2021 and Beyond

Presenter: Saranya Babu

How can marketing leaders continue to foster an environment where teams do their best work during the pandemic and post-pandemic world? Attend this session to learn how team unity and establishing a holistic approach set the stage for success and why it’s an ever-evolving process to the way we work together. 

Digital Transformation: It’s Do or Die

Presenter: Bon Hernandez

Going ‘digital’ took on a new meaning in 2020 because it gave marketers the ability to connect virtually while paving the road for organizations to grow alongside their customers. In this session, we define what digital transformation is — and isn’t — and how the new online office creates a wealth of new possibilities.

Content That Talks With, Not At, Your Customers

Presenter: Kevin Lynch

In 2020, one lesson content creators learned on their own (often referred to as “the hard way”) was that you need to be accurate, focused, and fast if you want to stay relevant. This session details the processes Wrike put into play to produce the high-value, informative content Wrike customers leveraged daily along with topical, awareness-raising materials that filled the sales pipeline.

Going All-Virtual, Overnight: How Wrike Went Fully Remote

Presenter: Pat Ratajewska

The pandemic forced marketers to be flexible and adapt to a new dynamic never seen before. Wrike’s Senior Event Marketing Manager, Pat Ratajewska, knows this best as she project managed Wrike into a fully remote workforce seemingly overnight while leading the transition of the company’s in-person events to virtual. Join this session to learn her secrets, and what she would change looking back on the experience.

Rory Schaff

Senior Social Media Manager

Rory Schaff is a Senior Social Media Manager at Wrike where she oversees the company’s global social media program, from providing strategic counsel to managing the tactical implementation in order to maximize Wrike’s story.

Prior to Wrike, Schaff was a digital media manager at McGrath/Power Public Relations and Communications in San Jose, Calif. She spent 10 years collaborating with a diverse array of brands to craft and convey stories that illustrate brand history, mission, and differentiation across digital and traditional communications channels.

Outside of work, she is passionate about exploring the great Pacific Northwest, playing tennis, running, and reading.

Saranya Babu

SVP of Marketing

Saranya Babu is the SVP of Marketing at Wrike. Babu oversees all aspects of marketing, including demand generation strategy, product marketing, and communications. Before joining Wrike, Babu was VP of Marketing and Business Development at Instapage where she grew revenue and valuation by 4X, customer base by 3X, and annual contract value by 30X. She previously held roles at ChargePoint, Inc., BDNA (acquired by Flexera), Dell, and NetApp. With more than 15 years of experience in the tech sector, Babu has honed a diverse skill set in enterprise go-to-market strategy development, demand generation, marketing operations, field marketing, and more.

Bon Hernandez

Senior Product Marketing Manager

Bon Hernandez is a Senior Product Marketing Manager at Wrike where he helps launch and position the platform and core capabilities of Wrike.

Prior to Wrike, Bon was part of the Product Marketing Team at LinkedIn helping launch new advertising capabilities on the LinkedIn platform. Before that, he was working at Google, helping to create and implement marketing strategies for various educational programs.

You can find Bon out in the wild either biking or golfing, or in a local coffee shop writing poetry.

Kevin Lynch

Senior Manager, Content Marketing

Kevin Lynch is Senior Manager, Content Marketing at Wrike where he leads a global team of writers & videographers. Additionally, he oversees content strategy, creative concepting, and brand messaging.

Kevin has worked in journalism, public relations, advertising, and marketing in North America and Europe. Along the way he has worked for some of the world’s top brands, including, Microsoft, MSNBC, Acura/Honda USA, and others. When not spreading the word about the awesomeness of Wrike he is a regular contributor to numerous lifestyle and luxury living publications. He presently resides in San Diego, CA.

Pat Ratajewska

Senior Marketing and Event Project Manager

Pat Ratajewska is a Marketing and Event Project Manager at Wrike. She has over 12 years of experience in event marketing and program management for high-tech and consumer brands leading highly cross-functional programs across Europe and the US. She’s focused on improving processes and aligning teams to deliver high-value initiatives with more efficiency.

She holds a MA degree in Political Science from the University of Gdansk.



Jumpstart Growth in 2021: A Holistic Marketing Approach with Wrike