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5 Ways to Fuel Your Data Driven Marketing Strategy

Make your next 10-minute coffee break a productive one. Starting Monday, February 15th, dotdigital will host a series of “Coffee Break” webinars that provide micro-learning opportunities.

2021 just started, and yet as marketers we’re already finding ourselves neck deep in our data driven marketing strategies. In what sometimes can feel like the utterly confusing black hole of data, how do you make sense of it all? Join dotdigital for their coffee break series as they take you through 5 key data driven marketing strategies to help you navigate your way through.

On-Demand Sessions:

“Coffee Breaks” Schedule

How to collect, what to collect

Presenter : Gavin Laugenie

How to collect, what to collect, that is the question. Join Gavin Laugenie as he takes you through the ins and outs of collecting data. Come learn about pop-over strategies, purchase history,  browsing behaviour and more.

Data security

Presenter: Genelle Kunst

First comes data collection, then comes data security! Join Genelle Kunst as she goes through the best practices for securing your data once it’s been collected.

Marketing Automation

Presenter: Dan Griffin

Now that you have your data and it’s secured – what’s next?  Join Dan Griffin as he goes through ways to streamline you marketing automation from how and what to automate to welcome & re-engagement programs to abandoned carts and more!

Customer Data

Presenter: Clare Walker

How do make your customer data work for you? Join Clare Walker as she explores the different ways to use customer data.  She’ll touch on everything from segmentation and personalization, to lead scoring and personas, to product recommendations and more.


Presenter: Gavin Laugenie

To finish off our Coffee Break Series, join Gavin Laugenie one more time as he takes you through how to use your data using testing, tracking, and of course optimization.

Gavin Laugenie

Head of Strategy and Insight

Claire Walker

Senior Account Manager

Dan Griffin

Head of CRM Partnerships (Americas)

Genelle Kunst

Head of Marketing (Americas)


5 Ways to Fuel Your Data Driven Marketing Strategy with Dotdigital