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5 Engagement Strategies for B2B 

Make your next 10-minute coffee break a productive one. Starting Monday, June 7, Terminus will host a series of “Coffee Break” webinars that provide micro-learning opportunities.

To be at the top of their game, B2B Marketers need to have the best data and channels to engage their audience. Identifying their best fit accounts is just the start but how do you get your message in front of them, at the right time? Being able to run omni-channel campaigns, backed by data, with the ability to measure success is the new norm. 

We’ll share tips and tricks on the engagement strategies for B2B and how to report and measure success. 

Sessions Include:

Monday, June 7 – Segmentation for Success

Tuesday, June 8 – Understanding Targeted Display Advertising

Wednesday, June 9 – Tapping Into Email Experiences

Thursday, June 10 – Uncovering the Power of Chat

Friday, June 11  – Modern Go-To-Market Measurement

“Coffee Breaks” Schedule

Segmentation for Success

Presenter: Stephanie Kelly

The first step in any successful account-based campaign is mastering targeting. Join Stephanie Kelly, to dig into defining your TAM and ICP. After that, take it one step further by incorporating fit, intent, and engagement date to build a top-notch target account list. 

Understanding Targeted Display Advertising

Presenter: Willy Thomas

Everything you need to know about the different types of display advertising and why you should be doing it now backed by data. Join Willy Thomas as he shares why you should be using display advertising for B2B and differences between the different kinds of display advertising.

Tapping Into Email Experiences

Presenter: Jillian MacNulty

Employee email is a massively untapped channel that allows you to turn every outbound email into a targeted advertising and marketing channel, complete hyper-targeting,  analytics, and intent data, all on a turn-key basis. Join, speaker name, as he/she goes through how to capitalize on the roughly 10,000 – 12,000 emails your employees are sending. 

Uncovering the Power of Chat

Presenter: Ottavio Dattolo  

Is one of your target accounts on your website right now? Want to connect your sales team to your most important prospects in real time, no matter where they are? Well, there is a way to do just that. Chat! Join Ottavio Dattolo to uncover the importance of putting conversational marketing at the forefront of this new digital first world.

Measurement for Modern Go-To-Market Teams

Presenter: Auseh Britt

If you can’t measure it, you can’t fund it. There’s a better way to uncover interested buyers, work with sales, and measure everything you’re doing. Join Auseh Britt to dig in on what modern go-to-market measurement looks like, how to do it, and how to roll up to your executive team.


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5 Engagement Strategies for B2B