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Advanced Research Techniques (ART) Forum

Brigham Young University Provo, Utah

Data scientists, marketing professionals and academics attending the Advanced Research Techniques (ART) Forum find a network of colleagues who are serious about developing tools that can solve the next generation of problems in the field of marketing. Hands-on sessions, focusing on repeatable research, will make sure you leave with practical takeaways–and the right code–for applying sophisticated methodologies and quantitative techniques to support strategic marketing decisions.
The 30th ART Forum features practitioner and academic presentations on techniques useful to marketing researchers.  It encompasses traditional topics such as segmentation, targeting and positioning while embracing new frontiers of text data, field experiments and big data analytics for improving business performance.  Practitioners coming to the ART Forum will learn about new solutions and academics will learn about new problems and practitioners will learn about new solutions. 

Event Committee

Greg Allenby
Ohio State University
Jeff Dotson
Elea Feit
Drexel University

Event Policies

Advanced Research Techniques (ART) Forum