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This event is no longer  available on-demand.

Social media is ingrained in our lives. It changes how we interact with friends, view society and choose which companies earn our business. 

Nimble brands build passionate followings. Stagnant brands get lost in the feed. 

Be prepared for what’s coming next by attending the AMA Social Media Virtual Conference. You’ll hear from passionate social media gurus who will help guide you through the trends of what marketers can do to thrive online. 

You’ll leave equipped with the knowledge of what lies ahead so can you make an impactful different in the work you’re doing. 

Featured keynote presentations:

Emerson Spartz
CEO, Dose

Spartz is the CEO of Dose, one of the world's fastest-growing digital media companies with a monthly audience of 50 million people. Dose, the company behind and, has raised $35 million in funding.

At the age of 12, Spartz founded Mugglenet, the #1 Harry Potter site and one of the internet's largest communities. By the age of 19, Spartz became a New York Times bestselling author after publishing his first book.

Raashi Rosenberger
Creative Strategy Lead, Pinterest

Raashi (@raashibhalla) leads the eastern region's creative and brand strategy team at Pinterest. With more than a decade of digital experience, she brings strong expertise in creative strategy, insights and integrated marketing to her current role. 

Prior to Pinterest, Raashi worked at agencies including Grey and Razorfish. Over the past several years, she has worked across CPG, retail, automotive and entertainment brands to develop insights and recommendations around storytelling and commerce experiences.

Raashi is currently pinning watercolor patterns, brunch recipe ideas and home décor inspiration.





This event is no longer available.

Speaker Session Title & Description (all times in CT)
Emerso Spartz 



Emerson Spartz,

10:00 AM - 11:00am
Viral Content: How Everything Changed in 2017

At age 12, Dose CEO Emerson Spartz dropped out of middle school to homeschool himself and founded Mugglenet, the #1 Harry Potter site. Determined to build a “virality machine”, he went on to create a number of the internet’s largest websites.

Most people have no idea how the viral content game really works. In this session, Spartz breaks down, step-by-step, the unsexy but fascinating truth behind how shareable content gets created.

Key Takeaways:

  • Bad advice social media ‘experts’ give that kill your engagement
  • Simple tips to increase your shares 5x
  • Mistakes you’re making on social (and how to easily fix them)


Paul Herman
Vice President, Product & Solutions Enablement Group

11:15 - 12:00pm
The Future of Social is Focused on Customer Care 

The future of social doesn’t lie in rushing to implement the next tech trend or content fad- it’s about caring for your customers and delivering unique experiences throughout the buyer’s journey. Today’s consumer is powerful, vocal, and aware, utilizing their social access and influence to explore brands and their competitors, voice their brand love and amplify their issues for resolution. 

With that kind of social power, it’s time to face the facts- you don’t write your ads- your customers do. Brands need to not just look towards new technology to future-proof their marketing, they need to treat customers like unique, valuable individuals on social, and craft personalized social experiences on a global scale. 

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Lisa Marcyes,
Senior Social Media
Marketing Manager

12:15pm - 1:00pm
8 Biggest Mistakes Social Media Marketers Make and How to Avoid Them

Whether you’re new to social media marketing or a seasoned professional, there are a few big mistakes that you’ve probably made in the past, might be making now, and can avoid making in the future. Learn from Lisa Marcyes, Sr. Social Media Marketing Manager at Marketo, as she discusses the top eight social media marketing mistakes—from strategy, to content, to metrics—and how you can avoid them.

Key Takeaways:

  • How to develop a winning social media marketing strategy
  • Which social media accounts really matter
  • How to identify metrics that indicate success

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Mana Ionescu
Lightspan Digital

1:15 - 2:00pm
Stand Out Online: Embrace the Social Visual Marketing Movement

Did you know that 4 times as many people would rather watch a video than read about a product? And more than 60% of online entrepreneurs are planning to increase their visual marketing before the end of 2017. This means more competition for you in 2018. 
So let’s talk about how to tackle the visual social marketing movement. We’ll cover strategies, tactics, and tools to add a compelling visual edge to your content marketing. We’ll also dive into:

Key Takeaways:

  • Consumer micro-moments and how they inform content marketing
  • Shared qualities of popular and viral content and how to tap into the power of social video



Guy Kawasaki,
Chief Evangelist, 

2:15 - 3:00pm
Guy Kawasaki: The Art of Social Media

In this session, get exclusive insights from Guy Kawasaki, Chief Evangelist of Canva, on how to master the art of social media with a specific focus on customer happiness.

Key Takeaways:

  • How to perfect your perspective
  • How to perfect your profiles
  • The importance of quality visuals
  • Specific focus on Facebook
  • Foster user generated content
  • How to perfect your shareability



Raashi Rosenberger,
Creative Strategy Lead,

3:15 - 4:00pm
From Inspiration to Action: Building Creative for Pinterest

More than 200 million people use Pinterest to discover ideas and do what they love. From recipes to travel tips to style trends, Pinterest delivers actionable inspiration tailored to your unique tastes and interests, creating an incredible opportunity for brands to give consumers what they want… before they even knew they wanted it.

In this session, Pinterest’s Raashi Rosenberger who leads the creative strategy team out of the East Coast will show unique and effective ways to reach audiences through smart advertising on the visually driven platform. We will share insider tips and tactics to help you understand Pinterest and develop full-funnel campaigns that drive results.

Key Takeaways:

  • Get inspired by creative examples that show how brands can move people from inspiration to action on Pinterest
  • Walk away with new ideas for creating engaging video and dynamic creative
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