Higher Education Interactive: Tips for Digital Marketing Success



Digital, Online, Interactive. Whatever you call it, we all know that this is the primary way universities are reaching students and prospects. But with prospective students researching colleges through several mediums – traditional web, social media, mobile devices and tablets – campuses must adapt their efforts. This Virtual Xchange® event will show how you can optimize your digital strategies to connect with this key group.

We’ll explore:
  • The latest social media trends for universities
  • Designing for different platforms and devices​
  • The role that analytics play in evaluating efforts
  • Best practices for content delivery
  • ...And more! 
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Creating a Digital Dashboard that Drives Decision-Making
Todd Zipper, President and COO, Learning House

With a shrinking enrollment pool and limited marketing dollars, the use of data in evaluating marketing plans is crucial to ensure effectiveness. One of the benefits of digital marketing is the availability of data. Are you leveraging this data? Is your team organized to respond quickly?

Learning House President and Chief Operating Officer, Todd Zipper, has been marketing for students in the online channels for almost a decade. While the technology has advanced and evolved, the need for careful planning, targeting, monitoring and reacting has not. Learn how to make the most of your marketing dollars in this presentation where Todd will discuss:

  • Important performance metrics to track
  • Leveraging your offline brand online
  • Creating a marketing and enrollment dashboard
  • Evaluating channel effectiveness

Aligning Marketing Solutions and Content with the Student Journey
Natalie Staines, Director of Marketing, R2integrated
Steve Navarro, Director of Market Development, R2integrated

Many universities have a critical need for a digital strategy that is not only aligned with the content needs of the student journey but that is also tied to specific goals throughout that student’s journey. Given that the online behavior and digital profile of students varies from one to the next and evolves as they mature from student prospect to career-focused alumni, how do higher ed institutions ensure they are  meeting their audience in the right place, with the right content in a way that is engaging and that can be tied to key metrics? By adopting technology solutions found with the marketing cloud, universities can leverage both the technology and the data they provide to engage with their audience at each stage of the journey.

This session will discuss the core pillars of the marketing cloud, how they map to the student journey and how they can be used to deliver content in a strategic cross-channel experience. 

Key Takeaways:

  • Understand the core capabilities of marketing cloud solutions and how they can deliver an integrated customer experience
  • Identify what marketing technologies are needed to manage the complete student journey
  • Create a roadmap and methodology for content delivery 
  • How to assign KPIs and leverage analytics to test and optimize channels, engagement and content

Visual Media Rising - How Instagram and Related apps change Higher Ed Marketing Forever
Jason Miles, Former VP of Advancement ,Adjunct Professor  of Marketing, Northwest University, CEO and Co-founder of Liberty Jane Clothing, Bestselling author
Alejandro Reyes, Digital Brand Manager, Northwest University, Author, Blogger, Speaker, Successfool.com

The social media landscape is shifting away from conversation based interaction and toward engagement around visual media. Facebook is declining, while Instagram and Snapchat are rising. In this session you'll hear insights and strategies to understand this trend.

Key Takeaways:

  • Understand the social trend toward visual content
  • Identify uses and best-practices for platforms such as Instagram, Pinterest, and Snapchat
  • Create a game plan for leveraging visual media to engage prospective as well as current students